What is up, fuzzballs?!
I am Rupert the blue fox: (he/him - 30y/o): a BALLOON-SQUEEZIN' (and ridin', just because), VIDEO-GAME-PLAYIN', PIZZA-MUNCHIN', CARTOONY, FAT n LAZY SON-OF-A-GUN!
Oh, and an upcoming Fursuiter.

Looking for amazing cartoon arts at affordable prices?
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Commission Price Pane!

Status of Commissions:


Want a commission from yours truly?
Send me a message on any of the art galleries / Social Media / Discord whenever you like!

Price shown below are default to USD currency and are subject to change without notice. For Terms of Service, please click on the provided TOS tab.

TIER ~ Discord Emotes

*Image Preview Coming Soon.
All images will be in 500x500 resolution, in .png format.

Pack of 12 ----- $20
Pack of 20 ----- $35
Pack of 40 ----- $70

TIER ~ Rough Draft

Bust ----- $15
Hips-Up ----- $20
Full-Body ----- $24

Extra Characters ----- $10 each
NSFW ----- $10 +

TIER ~ Flats

Bust ----- $27
Hips-Up ----- $32
Full-Body ----- $40

Extra Characters ----- $10 each
Simple Background ----- FREE
Complex Background ----- $20 +
NSFW ----- $20 +

TIER ~ Shaded
n' Detailed

Bust ----- $35
Hips-Up ----- $45
Full-Body ----- $55

Extra Characters ----- $20 each
Simple Background ----- $10 +
Complex Background ----- $30 +
NSFW ----- $25 +

TIER ~ Lineless

Bust ----- $50
Hips-Up ----- $62
Full-Body ----- $75

Extra Characters ----- $15 each
Simple Background ----- $10 +
Complex Background ----- $25 +
NSFW ----- $21 +

TIER ~ Reference Sheet

* Image Preview Coming Soon.

1 Character ----- $60
2+ Characters ----- $80
NSFW ----- $15 +


Image Preview Coming Soon.

* Prices are negotiable!

TIER ~ ?

? ----- ?

Details unknown.

Terms of Service!

TL:DR - By Commissioning me, you accept these Terms below.

If you want to commission me, please email me in full detail what you want me to draw, and I will let you know if it’s in my queue or not. Keep in mind, “describe or you get what you get”. So it’s important to be as detailed as possible. When you finalize your purchase, you will have acknowledged that I Reserve the Right to Decline your Request If it Violates Any of These Guidelines. I will get started on your commissioned cartoon as soon as receive PAYMENT IN FULL. Afterward, you will be presented a sketch in progress (either via MEGA.NZ link or EMAIL). If it appeals to you and you want me to continue, then I will finish the rest. If you want to know about the subject that I WILL and will NOT draw:
Please refer to the 'Will and Will Not Draw' chart below this article.What are my prices?
Please go to the “Prices” tab at the top of this page for a full table of commission prices.
How Long for Each Commission:
This depends on the type of commission that I’m working on, as well as how busy my personal life is. (e.g., a simple sketch or icon should take no more than an HOUR) PLEASE NOTE that I will draw your cartoon whenever time allows me to and I don’t just do arts 24/7. I want to be able to take my time drawing my piece for you, so that it meets the artist’s (me) standards and the customer’s (you) approval. As mentioned above, I will send you a sketched portion of your Commission in progress. If it receives your approval, then I shall finish it up and present you the final product. BUT, if it takes too long on my end to complete your request OR to return your response regarding the unfinished cartoon OR if you’re just not satisfied with my services, PLEASE don’t assume that I will have just ignored you. REMEMBER: I have a life outside of the furry/MLP fandoms, so while I am not always online, I do check in from time to time on various platforms (refer to the Index on the Home page). To reiterate, I will get back to you whenever I can. The last thing I want is to cause drama or to lose customers over silly and/or unforeseen matters. I appreciate your patience.
Payment Method & Email:
For the longest time, my ONLY method of allowing payment is using PayPal. You can inquiry me using my email: rupert5foxtail@gmail.com. It's also the address linked to my PayPal account to make payments a breeze.
Refund Policy:
If, for any reason, you have decided to retract your request and/or decline my services AFTER your payment has processed, NO PROBLEM! A full refund will be issued back to you as soon as possible, and if desired, I will give you the unfinished project ABSOLUTELY FREE. Feel free to shoot me an email (or a PM/DM if on the other platforms), so that you can let me know what you don’t like about my services or the cartoon of your request or similar conditions. Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority in my world. When it comes to arts and media that I make , you either LOVE IT or your MONEY BACK guaranteed!
Wrapping Up:
If you have any questions regarding the prices and regulations displayed or any other commission-related inquiry OR if you just want to talk to this “cool blue dude”, please don’t be afraid to reach out to me (lest it’s by email, PM or DM) and I will get back to your whenever I can. I am willing to answer most anything you guys may have in mind, so I can give the best experience for all of my customers and pals here. Thank you all again for your cooperation. Peace out!

Everything I will and will not draw!

✔️ What I WILL draw

MLP:FiM Characters (G5, too!)
CUTE things
SQUISHY things (clean)
Foot Paws
TV Cartoon AND Video Game Characters (Note: I'm a bit selective on this.)
Bondage (safe and sane)
Endosoma (soft-core/non-fatal VORE)
Sex: female / male OR lesbian action
Macro/Micro (safe and sane)
Pokemon AND Digimon (select characters)

Foxes, Bears, Canines, Felines, Dragons, Avians, etc.
BALLOONS and BUBBLES (Both are squishy and cute!)
Fat/Chubby/Obese (cute)
Baby furs (actual babies, meaning NO adults in diapers; clean and safe)
Mild Cartoon Violence (Keep it PG)
Cute Cuddles (D’awwwww…! ❤)
Loving, sensual. affectionate sexual stuff (NSFW / 18+)
Nudity: cute and tasteful genitalia is okay (more human like) [only for MATURE or ADULT arts]

⚠️ What I am still debating whether to draw

Blood (I can do as small as a simple nosebleed, paper cut or the like. Disney standards)
Diapers (Only to ACTUAL baby furs. Again, NO adults.)
Humans (KEEP IN MIND: I am VERY selective, and I can draw whoever I please)

Inflated belly-buttons/outies
M/M Gay stuff (Must be tasteful.)

❌ What I will NOT draw (Please don’t ask!)

Popping inflated figures OR pool toys shaped like characters [It’s just not my cup of tea.]
Excessive Blood OR Gory Violence [Again: Disney standards.]
Hate, Racism, Discrimination, Politics, Propaganda, etc.
Animal Genitalia [I prefer a more “human” design, as I’m about cute designs.]

Cub Porn, Incest, foalcon (MLP)
Scat, Urination, Poopage, Vomit, Fart Jokes
Muscles [Just not keen on drawing “swole” furries.]
Hardcore Vore [Again: simple and NON-life threatening]

Balloons and Fursuit FUN!